Virage Simulation introduces vs600m-tanker truck simulator with realistic sloshing effects

Montreal, April 7th, 2020

Virage Simulation recently unveiled the company’s new VS600M-Tanker Truck Simulator that provides realistic sloshing feedback that drivers experience when driving a tanker truck filled with liquids.

Truck drivers face unique challenges when operating tanker trucks. The sloshing effects from liquids in the tank can negatively impact the handling of the vehicle. For instance, tanker trucks are more susceptible to rollover accidents compared to other types of trucks. Therefore, it is imperative that a truck driving simulator offers realistic sloshing effects for proper driver training.

The liquid slosh effect is available on Virage Simulation VS600M-Tanker truck simulators for straight body truck, semi, and B-Train configurations. The instructor or operator can add the effects of baffles and adjust fluid viscosity and the liquid level in the tank. A Rollover Prevention Training module specific to tanker trailers is also available.

“Simulating the dynamics of any vehicle is something we know how to do very well,” stated Danny Grenier, President of Virage Simulation. “The challenge was to reproduce sloshing effects in tanker trucks so drivers feel a realistic movement though the simulator’s motion platform to make the driver feel the surge when stopping abruptly, or the wave effect created after the truck has stopped.”

Virage has already received feedback from the truck driver training community. “I’ve pulled tank trailers for many years and I’m happy to say that Virage Simulation did a fine job reproducing what actually happens in a real truck,” said James Crowe, CDL Instructor at Tillamook Bay Community College in Tillamook, Oregon. “We have a lot of milk tankers here and we are now able to offer training specific to the needs of our community.”

Virage Simulation designs and manufactures car and truck driving simulators for driver training, evaluation, and research to support fleets, municipalities, driving centers, and the research community. Virage’s proficiency-based driver training solutions are comprised of the latest training technologies and training curricula designed with leading transportation researchers and driver training experts.

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