Innovative Psychology Research by University of Toronto, Department of Psychology produced on a driving simulator.

Montreal, February 1, 2008 – Virage Simulation Inc., a Canadian leader in vehicle simulator products, services and turnkey training solutions, today announced that the University of Toronto, Department of Psychology purchased one VS500M and one VS500 car simulator.

The VS500M simulator will provide an environment where psychology research can be performed based on predictable and reproducible scenarios. Answers to questions such as “Does the presence of friends in a vehicle affect a young driver’s stopping distance to a red light?” can now be researched and answered in a safe environment.

For sleep related research, a mobile sleeping lab will be equipped with the VS050 desktop car simulator, a single screen unit with basic vehicle controls running the same high end simulation software as the VS500M. Reproducible scenarios developed on any of the two units can then be used to collect research data and present quality results to the test subject.

For more information, please contact:

Virage Simulation Inc.
Rémi Quimper, Président