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May 14, 2024: Arizona to Train CDL Students With Help From Scholarships

April 10, 2024: Trucking industry stakeholders square off over CDL test flexibility

April 5, 2024: Georgia Opens State CDL Facility in Central Region

March 14, 2024: Driving simulators expand purpose from training to workforce development

March 23, 2024: Chattanooga’s WorkHound finds communication remains key to driver retention

March 5, 2024: FMCSA offering grants for National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools members

February 15, 2024: CDL Schools, Driver Training Programs Focus on the Right Fit

January 11, 2024: SES Catoosa County Testimonial

January 4, 2024: Georgia ‘modernizes’ CDL skills testing process

December 12, 2023: Simulateur de conduite VS700M – RTL Longueuil

December 12, 2023: Trucking schools want third-party testing amid CDL testing delays

December 12, 2023: Western Line Constructors CDL Simulator

December 1, 2023: Country’s largest commercial driving school opens 3 locations across New York

November 30, 2023: Grants Expand Eastern Iowa Colleges’ Truck Driving Program

November 29, 2023: CDL program faces student backlog amid trucker shortage

November 28, 2023: Trucking industry needs thousands of drivers but economics can be challenging

November 21, 2023: Carriers reap rewards from their driving schools, finishing programs

November 17, 2023: Maryland Rural Grant Funds School’s Simulators for CDL Tests

November 16, 2023: Ohio Establishes $3 Million Tax Credit Program for CDL Training

November 6, 2023: Oklahoma Makes Third-Party Administration of CDL Test Easier

November 2, 2023: Student truck drivers train on new simulator at West Valley school

November 1, 2023: How Patterson High is working to deliver its trucking knowhow to schools across the nation

October 30, 2023: College’s trucker training program benefits from $500,000 donation

October 27, 2023: Iowa Schools Get $4.8 Million in Grants for CDL Training

October 21, 2023: Santa Rosa County Correctional Facility inmates train to become truck drivers

September 20, 2023: Law Enforcement’s Role in Distracted Driving

October 25, 2023: Odessa College CDL program looks to combat truck driving shortage