VS60-S Shifting Simulator

The ideal tool for Truck Driving Schools

  • Learn how to shift a non-synchronized transmission, 2 to 2.4 times faster than in a real truck
  • Realistic feedback on the shifter with jerking and vibrations when not synchronized properly
  • Realistic clutch travel, free play and force feedback
  • Accurate RPM gaps between gear ratios
  • No more transmission and clutch damage
  • Zero fuel consumption – a green solution
  • Increases instructor productivity
  • Upgradeable to a complete VS600 or VS600M truck simulator

The VS60-S Shifting Simulator is a cost-effective, high-fidelity simulator, dedicated to training and practicing shifting a non-synchronized transmission. This is the ideal tool for Truck Driving Schools. The VS60-S Shifting Simulator shares the same technology and is fully upgradable to our top-of-the-line VS600M complete truck simulator.

Virage Simulation introduces the VS60-S Shifting Simulator

Simulator industry-leading realism is achieved with a breakthrough, innovative design and accurate modeling of the manual transmission with realistic force feedback on the shifter. All gear ratios and transmission types available on the market can be simulated, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed transmissions, with or without ranger and splitter.

Virage Simulation has created a new simulator industry standard with its gear shifter simulation. The force on the shifter varies as a function of the torque applied to the transmission. Pulling the lever gently before clutching or releasing the gas pedal allows for a smooth transition of the lever to the neutral position, as in the real truck. Improper gear synchronization results in realistic jerking on the lever and inability to shift into gear.

The Virage Simulation Golden Shifter™ self-paced training package enables novice drivers to learn how to shift a non-synchronized transmission in only a few hours.

The Golden Shifter™ Training Program

The Golden Shifter™ is a self-paced learning program consisting of four interlinked modules designed to allow learners to achieve competence in shifting a non-synchronized transmission. Shifting tasks are segmented and learners practice each task in increasing order of complexity while receiving continuous feedback on their performance.

The Golden Shifter™ Training Program was developed in cooperation with the Centre de Formation en Transport de Charlesbourg (CFTC) where sixteen VS600M simulators are currently in use. To date, learners and trainers have found the Golden Shifter™ experience to be the most engaging, stimulating and the simplest way to learn the complex task of shifting. The results at the CFTC have been so positive that completing the Golden Shifter™ is now a prerequisite to driving the real truck. Studies conducted by the University of Montreal, in collaboration with the CFTC, indicate that drivers learn 2 to 2.4 times faster using the Golden Shifter™ compared with conventional in-truck training. The Golden Shifter™ Training Program is a competency-based practice program. While instructor training remains the most effective way to teach the manoeuvre itself, the program is built to allow the learner to practice on his own. During the practice sessions, points are granted for each successful manoeuvre, while a faulty manoeuvre generates instantaneous feedback to the driver and reduces the amount of accumulated points accordingly. The learner has to accumulate a predetermined score before moving to the next step.


The Golden Shifter™ consists of four modules

Module 1 -The Leather Shifter

Familiarization with the clutch pedal and the basic pedal – shifter manoeuvre

Module 2 -The Bronze Shifter

Shifting Up

Module 3 -The Silver Shifter


Module 4 -The Golden Shifter

The last module is an evaluation scenario where drivers must demonstrate their ability to adjust their driving speed to the traffic and the road conditions.


A new module has just been added to help the new drivers practice fueling to the desired RPM.


Virage Simulation is now including a new virtual environment with associated training scenario to enhance shifting techniques. Upon completing the Golden Shifter™ Program, the drivers are invited to consolidate their skills in a new hilly environment. The drivers will need to rapidly downshift as they begin to climb hills, skipping gears as required to reach the top. During the descents, proper braking and shifting techniques are mastered.

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