School Bus Driving Simulator - VS600M-B

The VS600M-B School Bus Driving Simulator features the same technology as the VS600M Truck Simulator with its own vehicle dynamic and training program




School Bus Simulator, Driver Training Program by Virage Simulation

Virage Simulation, in collaboration with industry experts, has developed an innovative simulator-based driver-training program for school bus drivers. This comprehensive program includes over a dozen training scenarios covering all aspects of school bus driving.

  • Operation of School Bus Controls
  • School Bus Mirrors and Danger Zone
  • Basic Maneuvers – Overhang (tail swing)
  • Basic Maneuvers – School Parking Lot
  • Stopping Position at Intersections
  • School Bus Stopping Procedure
  • School Bus Circuit
  • Backing up – Basics – PbP
  • Backing up – Straight-line Parking – PbP
  • Backing up – Angle Parking – PbP
  • The Alley Challenge
  • Morning Route – Boarding
  • Afterschool Route


The scenarios cover every aspect of bus driver training, from the basic operations of warning lights and controls, to simple and complex parking maneuvers, to full practice routines of boarding and exiting school children.

Drivers practice correct procedures for railway level crossings and participate in interactive demonstrations of the safety-critical rationale for prescribed stopping positions at intersections. The program includes full practice sessions of morning and afternoon drives, picking up and dropping off school children. During these practice scenarios, the school children are programmed to disobey the rules until they are observed and corrected by the school bus driver. This experiential and procedural training establishes the correct routines for visually scanning the mirrors and the areas inside and outside the bus before driving off.

The Performance-based Practice (PbP) scenarios focus on every type of backing and parking maneuvers and allow learners to progress towards skill mastery at their own pace, without teacher supervision. The scenarios provide access to alternate viewpoints such as helicopter views, objective feedback on vehicle position and ample opportunity to learn and practice the correct use of the lights and safety crossing arm for safe boarding and exiting procedures.

Basic maneuvers include observational exercises to better understand the movement of the rear of the bus (the overhang or tail swing) while turning and to execute a variety of increasingly challenging maneuvers.

Through the creative applications of the driving simulator learning aids, individually or in combination, this bus driver training program accelerates the development of the mental models that define the full range of driving skills, procedure and responsibilities required for a professional school bus driver.


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