Supercharge your Theory Class with Virage Simulation’s Instructional Video

Virage Simulation has created a series of instructional video clips to accelerate learning how to shift gears on a non-synchronised transmission. By viewing the video clips and listening to the simple explanations, students will be better prepared to practice and master complex shifting skills in the truck.

These video clips were produced during the development of the Golden Shifter TM program on the VS600M truck simulator. We realized that they could benefit all truck driving instructors and students and we are happy to share them with you via this hyperlink:

Add this page to Favorites on your Web browser for quick access during classroom presentations. Your students may hyperlink to these videos and review them as often as they want. When you have a free moment, we would appreciate receiving your feedback.

Acknowledgement: Virage Simulation would like to thank Martin Tardif from the CFTC and Tim Martin from Pinnacle Truck Driver Training for their constructive feedback in reviewing our training material.

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