Best paper award for truck-simulator training validation study

  • October 24, 2017
  • Rémi Quimper

Best paper award for truck-simulator training validation study 

Montreal, 17 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that Dr Pierro Hirsch, Director of Research at Virage Simulation, and his colleagues at the HEC Montreal and Laval University are the winners of the prestigious 2017 Deborah Freund Best Paper Award granted by the Truck and Bus Safety Committee (ANB70) of the Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences. Their paper titled Transfer of Training in Basic Control Skills from a Truck Simulator to a Real Truck was published in 2017 in the scientific journal the Transportation Research Review ( The paper documents the success of four separate evaluations of the Virage Simulation Golden Programs for training novice truck drivers to achieve proficiency in shifting non-synchronized gears and in straight-line and angle backing maneuvers. All the Golden Programs are used exclusively with the VS600 and VS600M Truck Simulators.

Virage Simulation was founded in 2005 by six accomplished simulation engineers from a world-leading provider of flight simulation training. Dr Hirsch joined the company in 2006, inspired by the idea of bringing the same advantages of simulation-based training that improved airline pilot safety to the world of car and truck driver training. Since 2006, Virage Simulation has committed a significant portion of their annual budget to developing and field testing research-based driver training and evaluation programs. Dr Hirsch and his team have collaborated with university researchers to validate the effectiveness of the Virage Simulation driving simulator-based training programs used in truck and car driving schools and fleets around the world. The Deborah Freund Best Paper Award, granted by an internationally respected group of researchers with industry experience, recognizes the success of Virage Simulation's continued commitment to developing the most effective driver training solutions.

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