Advantages of the Virage Simulation Truck Simulator for the Learner

Learning on a truck simulator allows students to:

  • Practice any maneuver, even dangerous ones, in a realistic and safe environment
  • Experience the virtual consequences of their driving behaviors under a variety of realistic conditions (i.e. all weather, road and traffic conditions, alone or in combination)
  • Learn faster due to lower stress, better feedback and less wasted time
  • Control their learning pace (e.g. pause for a break at any time, do extra practice drills for any skill)
  • Develop realistic confidence as they progress from easy to difficult and from simple to complex skills
  • View instant replays of their performances including overhead views
  • Practice specific skills until they can be performed automatically, e.g. from gear shifting to backing to fuel economy to roll-over prevention
  • Receive reliable, objective performance scores that can be compared with the scores of other students
  • Improve their perception and anticipation of dangerous situations
  • Experience the measurable benefits of safer (e.g. defensive) driving habits

Many of these advantages are ideally suited to adult learners who have been out of school for many years and who appreciate having more control over where, when and how they learn.

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