VS500M Driving Simulator Authorized by the Quebec government department, SAAQ, Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec.

Montreal, September 1st, 2008 – Virage Simulation Inc., a Canadian leader in vehicle simulator products, services and turnkey training solutions, announces that the Quebec government driver licensing authority, the SAAQ, authorizes the use of our VS500M simulator within the program leading to a novice driver certification.

Flight simulators have been used for training pilots for decades now. The same technology has become available and accessible for learning how to drive a car. A young Quebec company, Virage Simulation, has developed a driving simulator and a training program for its Quebec drivers. The program consists of six hours of training on the simulator integrated in the traditional real life training on the road.

The SAAQ has authorized the use of Virage Simulation’s simulator in the program leading to a driving certification. Schools interested in integrating the simulator to their operations and using it according to the SAAQ program will collaborate in a research project. The research project aims at measuring the effectiveness of this innovative technology in training new drivers. The use of the simulator could revolutionize the industry by providing better training, improving the quality of courses and allowing more objectivity of driver performances.

The Virage Simulation simulator is one of the most advanced simulators around the globe. We welcome proudly the government’s decision to allow the use of this new tool.

For more information on the training program for our simulators, pedagogical advantages and financial aspects or for a trial please contact Virage Simulation at (514) 856-1556.

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