Virage Simulation Inc. and AutoSim AS strengthen their cooperation.

Montreal, 14 December 2006 - Virage Simulation and AutoSim AS announced today that AutoSim will distribute and support Virage Simulation’s products in Europe and Asia. According to the agreement, AutoSim is granted exclusivity in the Nordic countries and will collaborate to support the sales and services of Virage Simulation products in Europe and Asia.

“We are pleased to extend our cooperation with AutoSim. AutoSim is already a key partner in the development of our products. This agreement strengthens our cooperation to the benefit of both companies and is inline with our common strategy to develop a worldwide distribution network”, said Remi Quimper, president, Virage Simulation. “AutoSim has an in-depth knowledge of our product and is therefore well positioned to distribute and support it.”

“The agreement with Virage Simulation complements our suite of products and leverages our marketing capabilities” said Martin Hansen, president, AutoSim AS. “The Virage simulator is built around SimWorld, the same software running under the hood of our high-end full scale simulators”.

Virage Simulation Inc. is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Virage Simulation designs and manufactures car simulator equipment and provides services to support research activities and the driver training industry.

AutoSim, based in Tromso Norway, operates at the most advanced level of the Virtual Reality market, utilizing highly skilled personnel and cutting edge technology to produce simulator software, visual databases, and complete simulation systems for training and research purposes. Their complete full-scale driver training and driving research simulators have been delivered to customers in Norway, Germany, China, Spain, Morocco and USA. The company has also participated in several European research projects like TRaCS -Truck and Coach Simulators, CARDS - Comprehensive Research and Development Simulator, SHE - Simulated Hydraulic Excavator, and CLARESCO - Car & Truck Lighting Analyses.

For more information, please contact:

Virage Simulation Inc.
Rémi Quimper, Président

AutoSim AS
Martin Hansen, President