Virage Simulation – An Active Contributor to the TCA Community

Montreal, November 15 2018.

Virage Simulation, a North American leader in truck and car driving simulator products, services and turnkey-training solutions, has been a long-time participant at TCA conferences, exhibiting the VS600M truck-driving simulator. In June 2018, during the 37th Annual Safety & Security Division Meeting in Norfolk, VA, Virage Simulation Research Director, Dr. Hirsch, presented results from an award-winning university study that demonstrate the timesaving effectiveness of Virage Simulation truck simulator-based training. As a follow-up, Virage Simulation presented a TCA Webinar titled Improving Your Most Effective Tool for Increased Safety, where Dr. Hirsch described to industry leaders how truck simulators can help the trucking industry reduce operational costs in multiple ways, from improved CDL training, to more effective pre-hire evaluations to finishing school and recurrent driver training. Of special interest to fleet managers are the truck simulator-based programs for defensive driving, skid control, jackknife and rollover prevention and fuel management training.

Virage Simulation is excited about next year’s TCA conference (March 10-13, 2019) where they plan to exhibit their newest VS600M simulator programs for defensive driving/crash prevention and coupling/uncoupling - training that focuses on improving driver safety while saving fleet operators money and time.