Training truck drivers safely and efficiently

VS600M truck simulators installed at the US Xpress facility in Tunnel Hill, GA

The Coronavirus has fundamentally changed how we train truck drivers. The VS600M Truck Driving Simulator  from Virage Simulation offers an alternative to traditional training by creating a safe environment for both instructors and drivers.

Whether you are operating a CDL school, training new hires to get them ready to join the fleet,
doing remedial training and assessment or providing recurrent training for your drivers, our VS600M truck driving simulator:

  • Allows instructors to train from a safe distance.
  • Enables remote instructor supervision from a different office or even from home.
  • Integrates a complete Proficiency-based-Practice training program for all basic maneuvers with feedback and guidance, reducing the need for constant instructor support.
  • Incorporates CDL tests and “on-the-job” virtual practice and assessments for CDL schools and professional driver programs for fleets.
  • Creates detailed scorecards with full reporting.

Take a virtual tour of our simulator in action

Real-time Remote Monitoring

Instructors can supervise the progress of multiple drivers from a safe distance – even remotely from home.
Instructors can see what drivers do, talk to them, and answer their questions as if they were sitting beside them.

Real-time Feedback


Our CDL Proficiency-Based-Programs provide drivers with automatic feedback during their driving
maneuvers. Virage’s training programs are an efficient way to train and have proven to achieve results
more than twice as fast as conventional training.

Real-life Driving

Virage has a complete CDL skills test and “on-road” operational assessment that allows you to observe and assess how your drivers respond to real-life driving situations. The drives replicate typical truck driving challenges in different weather and traffic conditions. Each drive lasts about 15-20 minutes. A scorecard and full report are presented to the driver at the end of the drive. Performance scores are saved in the driver’s record for instructors to review at any time.

Beat the Crisis, Invest in the Future with
Virage Simulation’s Driver Training Solution

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