Driving simulator helps stroke survivors get back on the road

Montreal, January 6th 2020

For the past year, the occupational therapists at the MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C. have been using a VS500M clinical driving simulator to provide the highest quality care and explore new ways to serve the needs and improve the lives of their patients. A recent Washington television news report tells the story of Deirdre Brown, a stroke victim who lost full function of her right arm and leg a year ago.  Deirdre had to learn to manage all the vehicle controls from her left side.

The VS500M clinical driving simulator allowed Dierdre’s therapists to retrain and test the critical skills needed to get back behind the wheel. The hours of safe and virtually stress-less driving simulator practice helped Deirdre regain her confidence. She is now driving her own vehicle in the challenging traffic of D.C. and planning to return to the work force.

At Virage Simulation, we derive great satisfaction from knowing that our product is assisting people to regain their driving independence and financial autonomy.