Driver Training

The simulator allows the driver to:

  • Experience the consequences of their behaviour, under a variety of conditions
  • Drive in hazardous and high-crash risk scenarios
  • Improve risk perception and anticipation
  • Experience the benefits of driving defensively

Further Pedagogical Advantages:

  • Allows teachers to control the type and timing of lessons
  • Allows teachers to adapt training to each student’s capabilities
  • Provides augmented cuing & reliable objective feedback
  • Records and diagnoses student performance
  • Compares scores (self versus others, versus ratings by teachers & self)
  • Creates positive learning synergy (simulator, in-car instruction, & home practice)
  • Automates training and instruction
  • Reduces practice time by providing immediate feedback
  • Provides novel and creative feedback (e.g. KE meter, different camera angles)

A high quality, cost-effective simulator for the Driving School:

  • A realistic simulator cabin, using real car components available with automatic or manual transmission
  • High quality graphic rendering on large projection displays providing a realistic scenery and environment
  • Motion / vibration platform providing acceleration cues and speed assessment through the road texture
  • High fidelity surround sound system providing realistic directional sound cue correlated with the road condition, the engine RPM, speed and ambient conditions.

Training Curriculum:

A full set of simulator scenarios covering basic driver training, evaluation and advanced training under different road and traffic conditions is provided. Lessons and objective evaluations can be performed with or without an instructor.

We can also adapt the simulator scenarios and training material to your existing program.

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