Dr. Pierro Hirsch receives an award from ADED

Montreal, 13th August 2018

Pierro Hirsch, Director of Road Safety Research at Virage Simulation, has received the 2018 Distinguished Service Award from the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED). The most prestigious award presented to a non-member, Dr. Hirsch was chosen for the award for his exemplary service and support of the area of mobility for persons with disabilities, due to his contributions to research in driver training, assessment and rehabilitation.

“I am deeply touched by this recognition from the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists,” says Dr. Hirsch. “All my work is the result of collaborative efforts with colleagues at Virage Simulation and researchers at several universities. Dr. Hirsch is also a Board Member of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals and a member of committees at the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C. that address motor vehicle operator education and the measurement of operator performance.

Dr. Hirsch completed his undergraduate work in Philosophy at UC Berkeley in 1978. After many years working in the field of driver training and testing, he returned to academia to obtain his PhD in Public Health from the University of Montreal in 2005. His doctoral thesis focused on the factors that increase adolescent driver crash risk. This research and his practical experience led to more than a decade of innovative contributions to the development of effective driving simulator-based training and assessment programs at Virage Simulation.

Dr. Hirsch continues to research, develop and test the most effective ways to apply driving simulation technology to promote safe mobility for every driver.

Congratulations Dr. Hirsch!