Deborah A. Quackenbush Bio

  • April 02, 2021
  • Rémi Quimper

Deborah A. Quackenbush
Virtual Excellence, LLC
Virage Simulations, Inc
Director Business Development & Distributor

Deborah Quackenbush has spent her entire professional career dedicated to providing leadership in the area of simulation and virtual reality concepts for driver training/education, rehabilitation and assessment.


Today she is the President and Managing Director of Virtual Excellence, LLC a consulting organization that provides guidance to global companies and organizations whose mission mirrors her mission of excellence in the integration and use of simulation or virtual reality solutions to promote road safety and safety outcomes for individuals, hospitals/rehabilitation centers, companies, schools and government entities. Deborah is a personally sought-after expert in the field of integrating driving simulation for the assessment and training of all types of drivers, from trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, police and passenger vehicles.

In 2011, Deborah was asked to work with Virage Simulation, Inc. a leader in driving simulation and curriculum development for land vehicle drivers. Virage’s expertise in developing sophisticated and accurate simulations for the trucking industry was a specific concentration. As Director of Business Development and Distributor for the United States, Deborah helped Virage to forge positive relationships in the trucking industry, truck driver training and education industry and the truck and bus safety research community.

Part of that global effort has been the support and importance of the relationship with the NAPFTDS. Deborah always felt that being just members isn’t enough. Support of all organization programs and efforts is necessary, Support of every regional activity is important so every school in those Regions and every instructor in those Regions has the same opportunity to learn about the benefits of the organization, the supporters of the organization and the industry changes that will affect their training. Every community college that becomes part of Virage’s family of customers learns about NAPFTDS and are encouraged to join if they are not already members.

Throughout her business career Ms. Quackenbush has developed strategic roadmaps for product development, curricula development, assessment tools and market penetration approaches for her affiliated companies and organizations

Key Qualifications include:

  • Close to 30 years of experience in the simulation, technology and training industry and is committed to its implementation in all areas of driver education, training, remediation and assessment.
  • Dynamic leadership in the public and private sector combining astute business development and strategic planning skills to bring success to corporate teams, non-profit leadership teams and build successful internal programs.
  • Unique expertise in the simulation industry developing successful implementation plans for training, education and evaluations.
  • Develops and maintains key relationships crucial to client’s achieving corporate, training or assessment vision, growth and diversification.
  • Considered exceedingly ethical and confidential.
  • High energy and decisive leadership skills, creating confidence and consensus among multi/cross functional teams. Ability to leverage knowledge, relationships and skills into actionable plans.
  • Actively participated for over 25 years at the Annual meetings of the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board (TRB).
  • Current member of the TRB Truck and Bus Safety Committee.
  • Served on the Operator Education and Regulation Committee (9 years as Secretary) and the Simulation and Measurement Committee of the TRB.
  • A member of ADED (Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists) since the beginning of the organization while still with ADTSEA circa 1980.
  • Represents Virage Simulation as a member of NAPFTDS. Attended a significant number of NAPFTDS Regional Meetings in support of the organization over the last several years.
  • Member of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) and actively participates in all association meetings
  • Subject matter expert and contributor on several public/private research projects. (published contributions)
  • Served on a number of national committees charged with writing standards for performance in driver education, training and assessment.
  • Former distinguished legislator from Upstate New York being elected and serving in public office for eight years.

In addition, Deborah is a partner in the firm Intellivance, LLC. Together with her two partners they have developed unique educational software for teaching math, language and science. Revolutionizing the way individuals are taught today.

Active in Our Lady of Hope Church as weekly Lector and Funeral Minister. On the Board of Directors of The Arc of Volusia County that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Deborah A. Quackenbush
President & Managing Director
Virtual Excellence, LLC
6140 Jasmine Vine Drive
Port Orange, FL 32128

Director- Business Development and Distribution US
Virage Simulation, Inc.