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U.S. Xpress Unveils its New Professional Driver Development Program

Chattanooga, February 19th, 2019

Virage was featured in an introductory event for Professional Driver Development at U.S. Xpress. U.S. Xpress unveiled its new professional driver development program to better prepare new hires for the road and provide ongoing development for current drivers. One of the components of their innovative approach is state-of-the-art Virage Simulation VS600M truck simulators programmed with unique training scenarios designed to align with over 100 driver competencies.

The VS600M truck simulators are now in full operation at the Tunnel Hill, GA facility. The simulators are customized to look and feel like US Xpress trucks, simulating the latest Cascadia and Prostar, including new on-board technologies such as Lane Departure Warning and Collision Mitigation. These competency-aligned programs are used by the new CDL holders as well as more experienced first-seat drivers. The driver training programs engage drivers’ attention with stimulating feedback and guidance and include practice sessions for backing, reviews of all basic truck maneuvers, and advanced training in Defensive Driving, Crash Mitigation, Adverse Weather, Hazard Perception and more.

Ralph Romero, Vice President of Organizational Development, said U.S. Xpress reached out to other fleets nationwide to learn about their driver training programs before developing their own approach and choosing Virage Simulation and its VS600M truck simulator. “We choose Virage Simulation as our Simulation Lab partner for the quality of their products, and especially for their research-based approach to driver training and their capability to customize their solution for our exact needs. We also wanted a simulator that would align with our key driver competencies and integrate seamlessly with our corporate data collection and reporting systems. It has been a real pleasure to work with the Virage Simulation team to get to this point. They exceeded our expectations in many areas especially with their ‘augmented reality’ feedback to the drivers for the basic maneuvers and their new Defensive Driving modules.”

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