Changing gears… The Golden Shifter™
Training Program

changing gears driving simulation training programThe Golden Shifter™ program consists of four interlinked modules designed to allow learners to achieve competence in shifting gears. Shifting tasks are segmented and learners practice each task in increasing order of complexity while receiving continuous feedback on their performance.

The Golden Shifter™ program was developed in cooperation with the Centre de Formation en Transport de Charlesbourg (CFTC) where six VS600M simulators are currently in use. To date, learners and trainers have found the Golden Shifter™ experience to be the most engaging, stimulating and simple way to learn the complex task of shifting. The preliminary results at the CFTC have been so positive that the Golden Shifter™ diploma has become a prerequisite to driving the real truck.

The Golden Shifter™ is a competency-based program. Points are granted for each successful maneuver while a faulty maneuver generates instantaneous feedback to the driver and reduces the amount of accumulated points. The learner has to accumulate a predetermined score to obtain a certificate and progress to the next step.

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