Our Research Activities

Research at Virage Simulation is guided by the goal of efficiently developing crash prevention skills in our clients.

Research areas for novice drivers are:

  • Accelerating the mastery of basic vehicle control skills
  • Development of optimal visual search strategies
  • Improvement of hazard perception skills
  • Improvement of quality of decision-making skills under time-limitations
  • Calibration between subjective self-assessments and objective measures of driving skill and judgment
  • Development of improved insight training
  • Development of methods to increase self-regulatory competence of adolescents by increasing awareness of the associations between crash risk and person-centered traits, e.g. sensation-seeking, locus of control.
  • Development of methods for increasing awareness of potential crash risks associated with interpersonal, organizational, community, and societal influences.
  • Development of training to increase awareness of the risks associated with speed, distraction (e.g. cell phones), fatigue, alcohol, drugs, and stress

Research areas for special needs drivers are:

  • Development of effective treatment for driving phobia.
  • Screening and rehabilitation for drivers with various neurological conditions, e.g. deficits due to stroke or traumatic brain injury